#MEME Meditation Movement

We are a non-profit International Movement that seeks to share free, simple meditations from different schools. We offer virtual and face-to-face meditation sessions, in alliance with organizations specialized in the subject, transformation centers and meditation trainers from different countries.

We have experienced four editions of Marathon of Calm. On each occasion, dozens of teachers and instructors of various nationalities have offered relaxation and contemplation experiences for several days.

In the first three editions (before the pandemic), we offered in person sessions and activities at holistic therapy centers, public spaces (parks and squares), educational institutions, the public sector, companies, communities, hospitals, prisons, among others. Additionally, since its founding, each month we have offered inspiring meditations and conversations on our Facebook and Instagram networks.

Our Deep Motivations

We are convinced 

that meditation can be an ally for health, for the improvement of emotional responses while dealing with challenges, contribute to more harmonious relationships and increase satisfaction with life.

We believe

that it is possible to enhance a dynamic, harmonious and inclusive social fabric, through experiences where silence, self-inquiry, trust and sincere bonds are cultivated.

We are aware

of the myths surrounding meditation, so for this reason we would like to: demystify the practice through coherent, rigorous and diverse information; explain its depth and simplicity, and take it to distinct places.

We acknowledge

the sincere effort of meditation trainers, therapists and centers that offer integrative experiences. For this reason, we want those who attend the Movement to know their valuable work and find tools to improve their quality of life.

The History of #MEME Meditation Movement

The Seed

The first edition of The Marathon of Calm was held in September 2018, in Mendoza (Argentina). It was initially called #MEME Mendoza Meditate and it had a great impact in the city. 45 meditations were offered, 41 centers participated and more than 800 people attended the marathon.

The #MEME Marathon of Calm was born with the idea of ​​sharing the experience of meditation with sectors of society that were not familiar with the practice. The spirit that guided us was to offer simplicity, diversity and secularity, respecting individual belief systems and approaching meditation from a self-caring perspective.

The roots

The impact of this first edition inspired the second edition that was held in March 2019. The interest of meditators from other countries led us to adopt the name #MEME Meditation Movement, Marathon of Calm. This edition was extended to 15 countries and more than 2,000 people joined.

The third edition was held the first week of December 2019. This time we offered 166 meditations in 17 countries, more than 3,600 people participated and we had more than 6,000 video reproductions on the social networks.


The shoots

With the onset of social isolation as a result of Covid-19, we organized a virtual Meditation Day in March 2020. In addition, since the beginning of the pandemic, each month we have offered Guided Meditations and “Meditative Conversations” in our networks, where two meditation trainers share their experiences with contemplative practices and provide techniques to accompany people on their personal path.

Between November 30 and December 2, we organized the 4th Edition of Marathon of Calm. Additionally, on Thursday 3 and Friday 2, we held the 1st #MEME Summit, a series of interviews that brought together thinkers, spiritual leaders, therapists and speakers from worldwide.

These two meetings had participants from 22 countries; more than 80 meditations and interviews were offered, more than 1,000 people participated, and we had more than 20,000 video views.